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Open a farm: how and what to do

Open a farm: the first steps
The first move to move to open a farm must already be present in our mind, or the idea.

It would seem a foregone affirmation, but having in mind a good and concrete idea starts the initial project with a good push.

The initial part of this journey lies in our ideas and in our simple but intuitive intentions.

The key word is precisely the “business idea” around which all our subsequent work will have to rotate.

Obviously the idea must be correlated after or during the elaboration, from an analysis of the market and of the competition, factors that are often left in oblivion.

Open a farm: the factors to consider
First of all , human capital (professional skills, as a management model, as a legal form).

Physical capital , or company size, available properties and those to be acquired, machines and tools.

Two other determining factors are the markets , which show us the possible sales channels and the economic performance , which clearly shows the profitability and the costs to be incurred.

After these first steps that we could define as analysis of the idea, we need to move on to the more concrete part of the project, that is to determine the general objectives, the specific ones, the expected results, the actions and the resources necessary to reach them , this is precisely a matter of to draw up an accurate economic and financial business plan , able to withstand the market and requests for financing both at public and private level.

Another decisive step is the search for the source of funding , which depends precisely on the project idea.

farm opening

Open a farm: the sources of financing
If a loan is requested for the purchase of land, check the possibility of a loan , as part of the financing of small peasant property.

To open a farm, as mentioned above, public financing can be used and it is therefore necessary to present the project as detailed and as detailed as possible.

In this phase the assistance of a Caa center and the advice of a professional for the technical part is necessary , who can follow the procedure step by step.

The timing of these steps is very long both for the approval of the project and for the provision of any incentives, so you need to be patient and act well in advance if you want to meet certain deadlines.

The available financing, besides the public ones, can also be private, in fact many banks offer advantageous conditions thanks to agreements with Creditagri Italia , the first national credit consortium, to search for the best conditions for access to credit and the most suitable financial product.

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