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Major Uses of Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Industrial cleaning supplies are essential when industries want to maintain optimum conditions of various industrial-grade types of equipment. The scientific formulation of industrial cleaning supplies ensures significant efficient and speedy performance benefits in all types of maintenance activities.

The heavy-duty, superior performance to handle large-scale cleaning provided by industrial cleaning supplies is a far cry from regular cleaning supplies. The usual roster of industrial cleaning supplies includes:

Detergent and cleaner for general purposes

Grease-killing compounds and oil dispersants are the special formulations in general-purpose cleaners and detergents. Some of the industries that benefit from using general-purpose detergents and cleaners include:

  • Food processing
  • Oil fields
  • Aviation
  • Municipal applications
  • Off-shore and marine applications

Safe to use in fire-risk areas, general-purpose detergents and cleaners are suitable to use for almost all types of surfaces. The best ones are caustic alkali-free and biodegradable.

Hydrochloric acid descalers

Acid can attack industrial equipment made of brass, carbon steel, and copper. Using hydrochloric acid descalers containing penetrating or dispersing film-forming inhibitors can make the cleaning effective and safe. The descalers are also ideal to use for cleaning heat exchangers, boilers, and calorifiers for their ability to dissolve in lime scales and other forms of deposits.

Industrial-grade detergent

The alkaline powder component of heavy-duty detergents makes them effectively removes paint, grease, rusts, oil, and carbon.  Industrial-grade detergents are technically advanced cleaners that can mechanically lift deposits from industrial materials. Their ability to penetrate and lift deposits from the surface film allows them to break and disperse them into the body of the solution.

Scale removers

Cleaning metals safely and efficiently is achieved by using scale removers. Excessive corrosion is avoided with the blended formulation of wetting agents and citric acid in scale removers. Cleaning boilers and heat exchangers made of copper oxides or iron is best done with the help of scale removers.

Industrial oil dispersant

The scientific formulation created in industrial oil dispersants makes them capable of cleaning up oil spills on pebble and sand beaches, marine environments, and at sea. The special formulation makes the dispersants the ideal cleaning agent to handle rapid and effective cleaning in sensitive areas of the environment. However, advance consultation from a licensing agent is required before using this type of industrial cleaning agent.

Showerhead cleaning agent

One of the highly useful and specific products of modern living is the showerhead. It means that cleaning them should also be targeted towards their specific needs. The industrial shower head cleaning agent usually contains both descalers and biocide disinfectants to give a two-in-one action in cleaning showerheads.

Electronic solvent cleaners

The refined hydrocarbon solvent component of electronic solvent cleaners makes them the ideal choice for cleaning electronics and other surfaces of the workplace. The painted or plastic surface of office tables, chairs, and desktops are effectively cleaned by the solvent without fear of dulling or softening. This makes the solvent the best type of cleaning solution for wiping, spraying, or brushing all types of surface materials in the workplace.

Understanding the various types and applications of industrial cleaning supplies ensures its safe and effective use. However, extreme caution should always be the practice when it comes to the choice of industrial cleaning supplies. As with everything else, there is no all-in-one cleaner. Contact us to learn more about how and when to use industrial cleaning supplies.

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