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Innovative agriculture: brilliant ideas for agriculture of the future

It will also be one of the oldest trades in human history, but agriculture knows no restraints on modernization.

When we talk about innovative agriculture , in fact, a huge chapter opens up made up of brilliant ideas, entrepreneurial ideas that combine a deep knowledge of the subject with a new vision of the sector.

This is why the farming business knows no stops. And it is not at all a job for old people: start-ups are constantly evolving, and young people are increasingly interested in making this work of primary importance more technological.

We all saw it at the Milan Expo: the theme of food could not ignore in-depth studies on new techniques and technologies to create profitable and innovative crops, with truly avant-garde ideas on every front.

Summing up all the valid business ideas is impossible, but we have managed to select ten, in our opinion the best ideas for innovative agriculture.

Veve . This start-up based in Italy is the creator of the vertical garden , a nice and effective way to have a private garden even on the balcony of the house. When the garden or the terrace of crops cannot be filled, they can grow in height. The vertical garden allows the plants to be watered automatically, with an irrigation system that nourishes the plants directly at the root. In a square meter of space, as much as the Veve tower needs to be planted, up to 200 different crops can be placed.

Agricolus . It is a management software suitable for small and large agricultural entrepreneurs . Thanks to an integrated system of maps and GPS, it allows you to correctly establish the parameters of each terrain and each crop, highlighting the critical issues and needs. It exists in several versions, of which one is free, and adds various features depending on the version chosen. Important is the decision-making support system, with suggestions given by the software to solve the problems.

MyAgry . Adopt a vegetable garden … at a distance ! If it is impossible for you to have a vegetable garden at home, but do not want to give up organic and quality products, MyAgry is the perfect solution. Create your own vegetable garden, choosing the land and crops, and an affiliated farmer will actually take care of a vegetable garden for you, sending the fruits of your crops home. It is an innovative e-commerce, a perfect example of how innovative new ideas are affecting the agricultural sector.

3Bee . The Milanese company has developed a technological beehive that includes a monitoring system on every beehive beehive. to verify in real time the vital parameters of the beehive itself and communicate the results to the beekeeper.

Robonica . Even this business idea originates in Milan, and once again wants to combine today’s technology with the possibility of becoming home farmers by creating a small greenhouse capable of producing food . The greenhouse designed by this company includes LED lights that reproduce sunlight as plants perceive it. Begin by planting the seed of the chosen plant, then, through the App, check the growth of the plant following the instructions day by day.

MagicBox . To optimize the maintenance and care of indoor and outdoor greenhouses, there are the MagicBox machines, specifically designed to control even aeroponic cultivation , that is greenhouse cultivation in the absence of the traditional field. It is useful both for those who have large greenhouses, automating the process of controlling and caring for plants, and for those who want to recreate a greenhouse at home.

Solutions . The energy source that you do not expect: it comes from the composting of organic matter , and thanks to the Italian company is transformed into electricity by exploiting the activity of the metabolism of bacteria. It can be used both by agricultural companies and private users: at home, for example, it can be used for lighting the garden, the courtyard or gardening tools.

Alma Eureka . One of the topics that is most similar to the concept of innovative agriculture is that of eco-sustainability, especially in the food sector. The work of Alma Eureka is based on this principle, which aims to introduce the culture of the edible insect in Italy. The insects in question feed on the waste from the processing of local products, therefore absolutely Made in Italy foods, thus creating the basis for the future of agriculture and food.

RobotFarm® . It is a fully automatic greenhouse that allows for organic fruits, free of pesticides and additives, all year round. It is installed at home, is the size of a household appliance and needs the same attacks as a washing machine: wall socket and water drain. Being completely autonomous, it proceeds by itself with irrigation and exposure to the sun and fertilization, supplying all the ingredients as indicated in the catalog.

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